Based in Brazil

Release date:
July, 2015

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iOS, AndroidFREE
AmazonUS$1.99, ¥240
Windows PhoneUS$2.99, R$2,90


This is a "not Shoot'Em up" game. The mechanic works like an inverted "Space Invaders". The player starts on a space ship at the top of the screen and need to constant evade enemy shot. The 3 lives to endure a match is represented by different player graphics phases: Entire Ship, Broken Ship, Alone in the Space (Cowboy). In order to score points, the player must collect energy that constantly appears on screen and when the energy gauge is full (GUI), a beep sound together with the space ship shinning will enable the player to touch the screen to descend(fall) and score 1 point - approaching the bottom part of the screen increases the difficulty. Reaching the enemy will automatically kill it and a star will appear. Collecting these stars enable purchase of space ship phases or even new ships. After killing the last enemy on screen, a new stage will start. After 2 common stages, a boss will appear and kick the player ass.


You are Spacy, a space cowboy who runs out of gas and ammo in space. To survive you need to grab anything that wanders around. The cool thing about space is the encounters you can make. When the players die, the game over screen show random Spacy Encounters. Spacy has no gender defined.


  • Endless Levels
  • All pixel art elements
  • Original Retrowave soundtrack by VHS Glitch
  • Beat your friends high score and achievements
  • Manic Shooter/Bullet Hell type of Bosses


Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (154KB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured on 116 countries as 'Best New Game' on iOS AppStore" World, 2015
  • "Pocket Gamer's Bronze Award" UK, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "“Charm and humour are mere veneer on this insanely tough arcade game, but it's oddly compelling and every point earned feels rewarding”"
    - Craig Grannell, PocketGamer
  • "“Funny, fair and worth downloading.”"
    - Marina Val, Baixaki

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Original Soundtrack
VHS Glitch vhsglitch.bandcamp.com.

About warchild14

I develop games inside a cave - naked. Fond of the functionless art of random.

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Space Spacy Credits

Henry Gosuen
Design, Art, Sound & Programming

VHS Glitch
Music composer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks